On behalf of Student Activities, Student Government, and Leadership, welcome to Spartan territory at Pace High! We bet you are ready for high school and must be wondering what you can do outside of algebraic equations, Bunsen burners, and research papers. The good news is that at Pace there is something for everyone! We have over 70 clubs and organizations that you can get involved with ranging from planning homecoming week and doing volunteer work to playing in the band or putting together our school yearbook. The high school experience is far from complete without some participation in an extracurricular activity. We are looking forward to a year of full rewarding events and experiences that will enhance and build upon what you learn in the classroom. Extracurricular activities are an integral part of high school life as they help make you well rounded and prepared for not only college, but also for the real world! You haven't experienced school spirit at its best until you become a Spartan!