Pace Then and Now

Monsignor Pace High School is much more than an educational institution; it is an extended family. About half of the teachers are former students, as is the principal, which proves the bonds formed in high school can last a lifetime. We are exceedingly proud of our patron and namesake, Monsignor Edward Aloysius Pace, a devoted Catholic priest (from the Diocese of Saint Augustine, Florida), a true scholar, and a pioneering Catholic educator who earned two doctoral degrees (in theology and psychology) and who founded the psychology department and served as the dean of the philosophy department at the Catholic University of America in our nation's capital. Msgr. Pace also dedicated himself to the training of Catholic teachers as the dean of NYC's Institute of Pedagogy. Msgr. Pace made serious academic contributions to the fields of philosophy, psychology, theology, and education. Msgr. Pace was a published expert on Saint Thomas Aquinas' philosophy and Herbert Spencer's theory of evolution. Msgr. Pace was a founding editor of many academic journals (the Catholic University Bulletin, the Catholic Education Review, New Scholasticism, the Catholic Encyclopedia, Studies in Psychology and Psychiatry, and Psychological Monographs). Edward Aloysius Pace, born on July 3, 1861 in Starke, Florida as the first of eight siblings, became the first native-born Floridian to be ordained a diocesan priest (in 1885). Msgr. Pace was a major advocate of higher education for women as evidenced by his roles as a co-founder of Trinity Washington University and a long-time professor at Catholic Sisters College. Msgr. Pace was awarded the Pro Ecelesia et Pontifice Papal Medal and served on President Hoover's National Advisory Committee on Education.

Originated by Marist Brothers and owned by the Archdiocese of Miami, Pace is a Marist school by tradition. Among its first students were children who escaped Communist Cuba through Operation Pedro Pan in 1961. Monsignor Pace High School has been on the Catholic Honor Roll twice, placing among the top 50 Catholic High Schools in the nation. The school can add the recognition of being awarded the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award from the U.S. Department of Education in 2002 as one of its proudest moments. Located on an idyllic 44 acre campus, Pace’s student body is comprised of over one thousand students, in grades nine through twelve. Most students come to Pace from twenty-two feeder Catholic schools in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The college preparatory academic programs at the school strive to meet the needs of a diverse student population. The programs include the national Advanced Placement ® Program, dual enrollment opportunities with St Thomas University, Barry University, and Florida International University, general education classes, and a program for students who may require more individualized instruction. The combination of academics, religious studies, and charitable activities has had a long-lasting impact on Miami. Many alumni started their path to becoming leaders of thecommunity at Pace; they serve the community while succeeding in their respective careers, and often return to the school as guest speakers or teachers. Notable Pace alumni can be found in every niche of society and include business leaders in the fields of health care and international trade, attorneys, doctors, authors, politicians, musicians, actors, and star professional athletes.