Campus Ministry

During the school year, students have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive retreat program. These retreats are tailored to each grade level and offer our students the chance to experience the powerful presence of Jesus Christ and further their development as Christians. For additional information, please visity the campus ministry Edline page.


This mandatory freshmen retreat is a one day event which takes place in the Dante Navarro Religious Education Center gives students an opportunity to establish a personal relationship with Jesus and to make Him a part of their high school years at Pace. The Pieta is scheduled through the freshmen Ethics classes.
It was at the city of Antioch in the mid first century that the disciples were first called Christians. This sophomore retreat focuses on the importance of community and how to build and maintain Christian relationships that will act as support through their high school years and beyond.
The junior Encounter retreat confronts students with a fundamental question: Are you encountering Christ in your life? If not, what are the factors that are keeping them from a more real encounter of the risen Christ? It is an invitation for students to begin making more adult decisions in their lives as they approach the end of their high school careers.
Diakonia is the Greek word for service and this retreat offers seniors a unique opportunity to put their Christian faith into action; a central theme of the Gospels. Through various service projects, students live out the teachings of Christ while gaining new perspectives on their own lives.
This mainly senior retreat allows students to explore their relationship with God and their call as Marist youth. This special retreat was developed several years ago by moderators from Monsignor Pace, Christopher Columbus, and St. Brendan high schools as a way for students from each school to come together and share a retreat experience in the Marist tradition.
Much like the Miami Encounter, this retreat explores the call of the youth in the Marist tradition. However, this Encounter takes place at Esopus, the Marist Brother’s Retreat House in upstate New York. Students from many other Marist schools around the country gather for this retreat making it a very special experience.
One day retreats offered to 7th and 8th grade classes from various local middle schools. These spirit days are lead by student peer ministers and address such topics as confirmation, graduation, peer pressure and relationships.