Step Up For Students

The Step Up for Students program offers an educational opportunity to low-income families by providing children with educational scholarships so they can attend a private or public school of their choice. Under this program disadvantaged students receive scholarships of up to $7,111 to attend an eligible private school that best fits their educational needs. Scholarships are awarded to students with households that qualify per the program specifications and who successfully complete the application process (documenting eligibility) by the deadlines set by the program. The scholarships are made possible through the generous donations from Corporate Donors who receive tax credits for their donations. The Step Up for Students program awards scholarships for up to the maximum scholarship amount allowed by law of $7,111. Parental tuition payments are necessary when an eligible private school's tuition amount is more than $7,111.

  • The tuition at Monsignor Pace High School exceeds the $7,111 amount of the scholarship; therefore the household is responsible for the additional charges. The difference is the sole responsibility of the household.
  • All households must remain current with their payments to the school for any fees owed by the household, not including the scholarship payments. Failure to pay, or make arrangements to pay, a balance owed may result in the school suspending or expelling your student. If the student is expelled they will no longer be eligible for the scholarship. The Step Up for Students program will not renew or transfer scholarships while money is owed to the school.
Please refer to the Step Up for Students website for more information and eligibility requirements. You may direct any questions to 305-623-PACE ext. 342.